Champion Gift Box

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Indulge with our Champion Gift Box, carefully curated for the ultimate jerky connoisseur. Inside, discover:

  • 5 oz. Bag of Jerky Joint Original Recipe Hunter's Sausage: A savory blend of spices and premium meats for an authentic jerky experience.
  • 1.5 oz. of Jerky Joint Brand Smoked Venison: Delicately smoked to perfection, offering a rich and distinctive flavor.
  • Pork and Elk Peppered Snack Stick: A fusion of pork and elk, seasoned with a peppery kick for a bold snacking experience.
  • Two Best-Selling Smokie Sticks: Indulge in our beef and cheese smokie stick, bursting with savory goodness, and our hickory-flavored smokie stick, offering a classic taste of the outdoors.

Treat them to this exquisite selection and celebrate their championship status!

(actual box contents, ribbon, and paper may vary due to availability)