Bacon Seasoning Shake - Sweet Bourbon Bacon Chipotle

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We really intensified the meaning of flavor with this blend. Our Sweet Bourbon Chipotle Bacon Shake merges the enticing flavors of smooth bourbon whiskey with the bold intensity of chipotle peppers, various spices, smoky bacon flavor and the subtle sweetness of maple syrup. Create dishes exploding with flavor!

  • Mix 3 Tbsp Seasoning with 1 cup cream cheese for a sweet bourbon chipotle bacon dip or spread
  • Flavor snack mixes, popcorn, pretzels or various nuts
  • Blend with mayonnaise for a tasty sandwich or wrap spread
  • Use in homemade BBQ sauce, flavor ketchup and mix in salad dressings
  • Great as a rub or pork, chicken and steaks, as well as flavoring burger patties
  • Sprinkle over grilled or roasted vegetables
  • Season baked beans or use in a recipe for glazed carrots
  • Use in chili, soups and stews

Net wt 3oz (85g)

Made from: Sugar, Salt, Bacon flavor (Salt, Torula Yeast, Autholyzed Yeast Extract, Natural Flavors, Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor), Chipotle Peppers, Maple Syrup, Spices, Garlic, Onion, Natural Bourbon Whilskey Flavor, Natural Applewood Smoke Flavor.