Original Biltong Beef

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BEEF BILTONG: This is as authentic as this South American snack gets here in the US. We keep it simple with a chef-crafted blend of spices and let the real star, the air-dried meat, bring the flavor.

WHAT IS BILTONG? Made by air-drying thin cuts of beef, biltong is a staple in the South African food culture. Simply put, it’s keto jerky that’s naturally sugar-free.

PROTEIN-RICH: With 26 grams of protein per serving (one bag), this deliciously satisfying paleo & keto-friendly snack is gluten-free & nitrate-free. No artificial preservatives.

LONG SHELF LIFE: With resealable packaging, our Jerky is perfect for easy storage and outdoor activities like golf, hiking, camping, and fishing.

CHEF's CUT REAL JERKY CO: We're redefining what beef jerky looks, tastes & feels like. Our mission is simple: make the best tasting product, using only the highest quality ingredients. Take the chef with you.