Noble Jerky Hickory

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How’s the vegan life without meat jerky going so far? Not great, we imagine. But, you can make it better with Noble Jerky Vegan Sticky Hickory Jerky! This vegan jerky has an identical texture and flavour to meat jerky, so you’ll never feel like you’re missing out. Packed with 7g of plant-based protein and a smoky and delightfully spicy flavour, this vegan jerky will make you feel as if you’re eating well marinated and seasoned meat fresh off the grill. Soy-based and free of GMOs, this vegan jerky is free of saturated fat, and other gunk you’d find in meat. With Noble Jerky Vegan Sticky Hickory Jerky, the vegan life is the better life!

  • Plant-based soya protein snack
  • Big 70g pack
  • Marinated and seasoned
  • Proper jerky texture and taste
  • All-natural and non-GMO
  • 4 delicious flavors
  • Perfect for when you are on the go

2.47 oz

Plant-Based Soya protein (non-GMO), Black Bean Sauce (Black Beans, Sea Salt, Water), Canola Oil (non-GMO), Vegan Sugar (Plant Based), Rice Vinegar, Tomatoes, Garlic, Mustard.

Contains Soy, and Mustard.

Packed in a facility that processes: nuts, peanuts, sesame, and wheat.

Origin: Product of USA

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.